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Seminar on ‘Visualization of Quantum Materials’ by Prof. Rahul Sharma (IISER, Behrampur) – 28 Nov 2022

Seminar-Workshop: Seminar on ‘Visualization of Quantum Materials’ by Prof. Rahul Sharma (IISER, Behrampur)
Type: Seminar-Workshop – Seminar
Date: 28 Nov 2022
Time: 3:20 PM – 4:20 PM
Venue: Saradananda Seminar Hall
Campus: Belur Campus
Department: Physics

Materials have defined the human evolution through the ages. To face the challenges of the modern times like climate change, big data, data security etc. as well as to discover new materials and push the boundaries of science, the amazing world of quantum physics offers numerous and exciting opportunities. In this discussion, we will talk about quantum materials and in particular about one particular fascinating state of matter: superconductors. We will also look at the technique of scanning tunneling microscopy/spectroscopy and sample a few of its myriad superpowers which are particularly suited to reveal various facets of physics of quantum materials. Time permitting, we will also talk about my ideal vision for quantum material research with a symbiotic relationship between theory and experimental probes.

Activity Coordinator(s)
Faculty/Staff Name Details
Bobby Ezhuthachan (Primary Coordinator) Physics – Belur Campus
Participant Information
RKMVERI Faculty & Staff 4 (Male: 4, Female: 0)
RKMVERI Students 50 (Male: 41, Female: 9)

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