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Research Seminars

List of Research Seminars in the Department of Physics, RKMVERI by faculty and postdocs on alternate Wednesdays at 3:15 pm.

DateSpeakerTitle of the talk
7/8/2019Bobby EzhuthachanOut of time ordered correlators (OTOC's) in conformal field theory
21/8/2019Suchetan DasModular Hamiltonian and its eigenmodes in QFT and holography
4/9/2019Amitava BhattacharyyaUnconventional superconductivity in newly discovered Fe and Co-based superconductors
25/9/2019Debraj DasA Noisy Path to Bifurcation
23/10/2019Sanjoy BiswasDark photon and it's collider implications
6/11/2019Kartik PandaProbing the Ground State of Superconductors using Muon
20/11/2019Debashis GangopadhyayNo Talk
22/1/2020Ranjan Chaudhury
29/1/2020Anirban ChatterjeeImplications of JLA data in the context of dark energy of varying equation of state
5/2/2020Abhijit Bandyopadhyay
19/2/2020Br. Aditya
4/3/2020Shamik Gupta