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Research Seminars

List of Research Seminars delivered by the Faculty, Post Doctoral Fellows and Research Scholars of the Dept. of Physics, RKMVERI.


Sl. No. Date Speaker Title
1. 28 May 2022 Br. Manashdeep Exploring Entrails of Entrepreneurship
2. 16 Mar 2022 Prof. Kamales Kar (Visiting Faculty) Supernova neutrinos and their detection by lead and liquid xenon detectors
3. 23 Feb 2022 Baishali Roy (Research Scholar) On the boundary dual of Fixed area states
4. 17 Feb 2022 Somnath Porey (Research Scholar) Chaos in periodically driven CFTs


Sl. No. Date Speaker Title
1. 08 Dec 2021 Samvit Mahapatra (PhD Student) Violation of first-passage duality by a run-and-tumble particle in one-dimension
2. 04 Dec 2021 Arnab Kanti Jana (PhD Student) Experimental perspective on Quantum Spin Liquid
3. 01 Dec 2021 Shivam Verma (PhD Student) Signature of top partner at the Large Hadron Collider
4. 24 Nov 2021 Kumar Raviranjan (PhD Student) On Non-minimal Coupling of Magnetic Field with Gravity in the Schwarzschild Spacetime
5. 10 Nov 2021 Kartik Panda (PhD Student) Muon spin Spectroscopy and Magnetotransport Properties Studies of Novel Superconductors and Magnetic Materials
6. 27 Aug 2021 Somnath Poray (PhD Student) Virasoro Algebras, kinematic space and the spectrum of modular Hamiltonians in CFT2


Sl. No. Date Speaker Title
1. 29 Jan 2020 Anirban Chatterjee (PhD Student) Implications of JLA data in the context of dark energy of varying equation of state


Sl. No. Date Speaker Title
1. 06 Nov 2019 Kartik Panda (PhD Student) Probing the Ground State of Superconductors using Muon
2. 23 Oct 2019 Sanjoy Biswas Dark photon and it’s collider implications
3. 25 Sep 2019 Debraj Das (PhD Student) A Noisy Path to Bifurcation
4. 04 Sep 2019 Amitava Bhattacharyya Unconventional superconductivity in newly discovered Fe and Co-based superconductors
5. 21 Aug 2019 Suchetan Das (PhD Student) Modular Hamiltonian and its eigenmodes in QFT and holography
6. 07 Aug 2019 Bobby Ezhuthachan Out of time ordered correlators (OTOC’s) in conformal field theory