As long as I live so long will I learn - Sri Ramakrishna

UNMESH – The Students’ Magazine

‘A Manifestation of Creativity’

An effort of the students of The Department of Physics, School of Mathematical Sciences, RKMVERI

With an attempt to look beyond the customary monochromatic schedule of classes, lab-work, projects and assignments, the students of the Department of Physics re-invent themselves in the form of a magazine in which they embark upon a journey through the lanes of memories, the thorns of reality, and the stream of dreams.

The magazine, named Unmesh, is an opportunity for the students to express themselves in poems, stories, articles, paintings, and photographs, and is truly a magazine by the student, for the student, and of the student: it is the students who do everything: planning, designing, editing, typing, with full support from the department and the University.

You may browse through the published volumes of the magazine available in the links below.

Read online Unmesh past issues or download

1. Unmesh – the Student Magazine – 2022 November Issue

2. Unmesh – the Student Magazine – 2021 November Issue

3. Unmesh – the Student Magazine – 2017 September Issue

4. Unmesh – the Student Magazine – 2017 April Issue

5. Unmesh – the Student Magazine – 2016 August Issue