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The University supports and provides resources for researchers to visit the department for the purpose of scientific collaboration and interaction.

VisitorsInstituteVisit Period
Professor Shankar Ghosh
TIFR Mumbai, India12th to 16th February, 2020
Dr. Pierfrancesco di CintioUniversity of Florence, Italy8th to 27th February, 2020
Professor Muthuswamy Lakshmanan
Bharathidasan University, India4th to 7th February, 2020
Professor Thierry DauxoisEcole Normale Superieure de Lyon, France23rd to 26th January, 2020
Professor Punit ParmanandaIndian Institute of Technology Bombay, India21st to 24th January, 2020
Professor Eung Jin ChunKorea Institute for Advanced Study, South Korea1st to 5th January, 2020
Professor Mustansir BarmaTIFR Hyderabad, India12th to 20th November, 2019
Professor Yoshiyuki YamaguchiUniversity of Kyoto, Japan9th to 18th August, 2019
Professor Muthuswamy LakshmananBharathidasan University, India23rd to 25th April, 2019
Professor Luca GiuggioliUniversity of Bristol, UK2nd to 22nd January, 2019
Dr. Rishu K SinghIIT Bombay, India27th to 31st January, 2020