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MSc Physics Courses


Course ID number Full Name of Course Credits
PHY411 Classical Mechanics 4
PHY412 Quantum Mechanics I 4
PHY413 Classical Theory of Fields I : Electrodynamics 4
PHY414 Mathematical Tools in Theoretical Physics I 4
PHY415 Computer Fundamentals and Computational Physics 4
PHY416 Artificial Intelligence in Physics 4
PHY422 Quantum Mechanics II 4
PHY422A Quantum Mechanics IIA 5
PHY423 Classical Theory of Fields II : General Relativity 4
PHY424 Mathematical Tools in Theoretical Physics II 4
PHY426 Statistical Mechanics I 4
PHY429 General Physics Laboratory 4
PHY512 Atomic & Molecular Physics 4
PHY513 Quantum Field Theory I 4
PHY516 Statistical Mechanics II 4
PHY519 Design and Fabrication Laboratory 4
PHY520 Condensed Matter Physics I 4
PHY522 Particle Physics I 4
PHY523 Particle Physics II ** 4
PHY524 Cosmology ** 4
PHY525 Advanced General Relativity and Astrophysics ** 4
PHY526 Quantum Field Theory II ** 4
PHY527 Advanced Condensed Matter Physics ** 4
PHY528 Two Dimensional Conformal Field Theory ** 4
PHY529 Quantum computation ** 4
PHY530 Nonlinear dynamics ** 4
PHY531 Project (To be done over the whole of 2nd year (3rd and 4th semesters)) 8
PHY532 Advanced Quantum Materials** 4

TOTAL CREDITS TO BE EARNED = (4×5)+(4×5)+(4×5)+(4×2+8)=76 credits

1 credit corresponds to 16 contact hours.

**Students have to opt for two of the starred courses. Note that all of these courses may not be offered in a particular year. Also, more options may be offered depending on the interest of the students and availability of teacher(s) concerned.