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Seminar on ‘Synthetic Fuzzballs: A Linear Ramp from Black Hole Normal Modes’ by Suman Das (SINP, Kolkata) – 23 Nov 2022

Seminar-Workshop: Seminar on ‘Synthetic Fuzzballs: A Linear Ramp from Black Hole Normal Modes’ by Suman Das (SINP, Kolkata)
Type: Seminar-Workshop – Seminar
Date: 23 Nov 2022
Time: 3:30 PM – 4:30 PM
Venue: Saradananda Seminar Hall
Campus: Belur Campus
Department: Physics
We consider a black hole with a stretched horizon as a toy model for a fuzzball microstate. The stretched horizon provides a cut-off, and therefore one can determine the normal (as opposed to quasi-normal) modes of a probe scalar in this geometry. For the BTZ black hole, we compute these as a function of the level n and the angular quantum number J. Conventional level repulsion is absent in this system, and yet we find that the Spectral Form Factor (SFF) shows clear evidence for a dip-ramp-plateau structure with a linear ramp of slope ∼1 on a log-log plot, with or without ensemble averaging. We show that this is a robust feature of stretched horizons by repeating our calculations on the Rindler wedge (times a compact space). We also observe that this is not a generic feature of integrable systems, as illustrated by standard examples like integrable billiards and random 2-site coupled SYK model, among others. The origins of the ramp can be traced to the hierarchically weaker dependence of the normal mode spectrum on the quantum numbers of the compact directions, and the resulting quasi-degeneracy.  
Activity Coordinator(s)
Faculty/Staff Name Details
Bobby Ezhuthachan (Primary Coordinator) Physics – Belur Campus
Participant Information
RKMVERI Faculty & Staff 3 (Male: 3, Female: 0)
RKMVERI Students 37 (Male: 25, Female: 12)

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