As long as I live so long will I learn - Sri Ramakrishna

Computational Physics Laboratory


Fundamental objectives of this laboratory include:

  • Developing numerical, computational and logical skills relevant for solution of theoretical and experimental physics problems
  • Acquiring a hands-on approach towards computer hardware, software, clustering and networking
  • Synchronising computational skills acquired with requirements of theoretical physics courses


For our lab, we have carefully chosen to use and implement open-source computing platform for various technical, academic and ethical reasons. This lab course is primarily categorised into the following parts:

  • To learn programming skills (in Shell scripting, C++, FORTRAN, Python, etc.)
  • To learn various Data Visualising skills (GNUPLOT, etc.)
  • To learn (scientific) Typesetting and presentation skills, primarily using LATEX
  • Application to various real life problems
  • Assembling & setting up of fully functional PCs from scratch
  • In-house construction of cost-effective computer clusters for high performance computing