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PhD Course Work

In accordance with the UGC guidelines for credit requirements, the department offers the following courses as part of course work for students working for their PhD.


PHY 701 Research Methodology 
PHY 702 Advanced Cosmology
PHY 703   Advanced Particle Physics
PHY 704 Topical Course on General Relativity
PHY 705   Topical Course on Atomic, Molecular and Optical Physics  
PHY 706 Advanced Topics in Atomic and Molecular Physics
PHY 707 Advanced Methodologies and Computational Aspects for Atomic Structure Calculations 
PHY 708 Astronomy
PHY 709 Renormalization in Quantum Field Theory
PHY 710     Topical Course on Statistical Physics
PHY 711 Topics in Conformal Field Theory
PHY 712 Advanced Quantum FIeld Theory
PHY 713 Advanced Quantum Information Theory
PHY714 Advanced Material Science
PHY715 Topics in Microscopic Physics
PHY716 Quantum Field Theory
PHY717 Special Topics in Quantum Field Theory