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PhD Students

Current PhD Students

Faculty: School of Mathematical Sciences

Department: Physics

Name of the SupervisorName of the PhD ScholarRegistration No.Date of RegistrationResearch TopicLikely date of completion of PhDFellowship Availed Yes /NoFunding Agency of Fellowship
Dr. Bobby EzhuthachanSomnath PoreyB195002002.01.2020Aspects of quantum information in holography and QFT01.01.2025YesUGC
Dr. Bobby EzhuthachanBaishali RoyB195002102.01.2020Aspects of quantum chaos and information scrambling in holography and CFT01.01.2025YesUGC
Dr. Sanjoy BiswasShivam VermaB195002211.03.2020Some aspects of Beyond the standard model in light of collider and dark matter experimentsYesCSIR-NET
Dr. Amitava BhattacharyyaArnab Kanti JanaB205001110.06.2022Novel emergent properties of Quantum MaterialsYesDST-INSPIRE
Dr. Sanjoy BiswasKrishna TewaryB2250021YesDST-Inspire


List of Students who have completed PhD

Name of the SupervisorName of the PhD ScholarResearch TopicYear of Completion
Dr. Amitava BhattacharyyaKartik PandaMagnetism and Superconductivity2022
Dr. Bobby EzhuthachanSuchetan DasHigh Energy Physics2020
Dr. Shamik GuptaDebraj DasStatistical Physics2020
Dr. Abhijit BandyopadhyayAnirban ChatterjeeCosmology2020
Dr. Parthasarathi MajumderAloke Kumar SinhaBlack hole Physics2019
Dr. Abhijit BandyopadhyayArka MoulikCosmology2019
Dr. Debashis GangopadhyayAnimesh Sinha RoyQuantum Computation2018
Dr. Prasanta Kumar MukherjeeSupriyo Chaudhuri Atomic Physics2018