As long as I live so long will I learn - Sri Ramakrishna

General Physics Laboratory


Our general physics laboratory courses have been designed to inculcate a hands-on approach towards experimental physics. Primary objectives of the Laboratory course are:

  • to train to handle instruments
  • to teach some basic experimental techniques
  • to verify some fundamental laws of physics and to measure different physical quantities
  • to perform some historically important experiments in the development of physics
  • to design experiments and to learn to extract meaningful physics principles from the experimental observation

List of Experiments

  • Millikan’s oil drop experiment: Measurement of charge of electron
  • Measurement of charge to mass ratio (e/m) of electron
  • Debye-Scherrer diffraction: Study of diffraction of electrons in a ploycrystalline lattice
  • Franck and Hertz experiment with Hg and Ne
  • Measurement of velocity of light
  • Accoustic Doppler effect: Measurement of Doppler shift of frequency and velocity of sound
  • Verification of Coulomb’s Law (by method of image charge): Measurement of permittivity of air
  • Photoelectric effect: Measurement of Planck’s constant
  • Microwave diffraction
  • Study of Zeeman effect
  • Study of Faraday effect
  • Michelson’s interferometer
  • Fabry–Pérot interferometer
  • Measurement of Stefan’s constant
  • Photovoltaics
  • B-H loop tracer
  • Measurement of magnetic susceptibility by Guoy’s Method
  • Temperature dependence of Hall effect in semi-conductors
  • Temperature dependence of Hall effect in metals
  • Temperature dependence of electrical resistivity in metals
  • Magnetoresistance in metals and semi-conductors
  • Study of polarization of light
  • Electron spin resonence