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Physics Colloquium


N-body chaos and discreteness effects and the relaxation of self-gravitating systemsPierfrancesco di CintioUniversity of Florence, Italy19th February, 2020
A geometrical description of granular physicsShankar GhoshTIFR Mumbai14 February, 2020
Basics of Nonlinear DynamicsM LakshmananBharathidasan University, Trichy6 & 7 February, 2020
Physics of Active Grains and Active FluidsHarsh SoniIISc Bangalore6 February, 2020
Melting of the vortex lattice in a Type II superconductor: A story from imagesPratap RaychaudhuriTIFR Mumbai5 February, 2020
Genesis of MatterEung Jin ChunKorea Institute for Advanced Study, South Korea2 January, 2020
Cyclic cosmology as an alternative to big-bang paradigm Petar PavlovicRKMVERI, Belur24 July, 2019
Signatures of extra-dimensions in astrophysical and cosmological observationsIndrani BanerjeeIACS, Kolkata29 April, 2019
An Overture for String TheoryKoushik RayIACS, Kolkata3 April, 2019
Many Bodies and Massive Bodies, A World in HologramArnab KunduSINP, Kolkata20 March, 2019
Synchronization in next generation microelectronic systems: flat hierarchies - can the 'reference clock' be abolished?Lucas WetzelMax Planck Institute for the Physics of Complex Systems, Dresden18 March, 2019
Cyclotron Resonance in AstrophysicsDipankar BhattacharyaIUCAA, Pune8 March 2018
The sorrow of Bengal: Myth or RealityKalyan RudraWest Bengal Pollution Control Board20 February, 2019
Musical vibrations in the brain: A neurocognitive physics exploration through fractal microscopeShankha SanyalJadavpur University6 February, 2019
Quantum simulating aspects of gauge theories Debasish BanerjeeDESY Germany17 July, 2018
Black holes, holograms and quantum quench Sumit R. DasUniversity of Kentucky
16 July, 2018
The Einstein-Rosen bridge and its progenySayan KarIndian Institute of Technology Kharagpur27 April, 2018
Chaos: A New Kind of MotionSoumitro BanerjeeIISER Kolkata16 April, 2018
Disorder as a probe for spin liquidsArnab SenIACS, Kolkata12 March, 2018
Mimicking quantum dynamics using quantum walksC M ChandrashekarIMSc Chennai5 February 2018
Can current decrease with increasing bias: onset of negative response in non-equilibrium systemsP K MohantySINP, Kolkata29 January 2018
Changes large and small: The physics of stochastic resettingShamik GuptaRKMVERI, Belur6 September 2017
Quantum signature of chaos and thermalization in the kicked Dicke modelSayak RayIISER, Kolkata21 July 2017
Periodically driven dynamics using two-rate protocolsSatyaki KarIACS, Kolkata12 February 2017
Atomic structures of un-doped and doped (0001) surfaces of the topological insulator Bi 2 Se 3Sumalay RoyMax Planck Institute of Microstructure physics, Halle, Germany11 February 2016
The Universe – as seen by PlanckSoumen BasakSISSA,Trieste, Italy.28 January 2016
Interaction of atoms with twisted light and electronsStephan FritzscheStephan Fritzsche, University of Zena, Germany7 January 2016
Multipole mixing and polarization effects in the x-ray emission from highly-charged ionsStephan FritzscheUniversity of Zena, Germany6 January 2016
Multipole mixing and polarization effects in the x-ray emission from highly-charged ionsDeepak KarUniversity of Witwatersrand, South Africa18 December 2015
Dynamics of molecular motors and diffusive proteins interacting with polar filamentsDebajit GoswamiSaarbrucken, Germany24 September 2015
Ultracold Rydberg atoms in an optical latticeSubhasis SinhaIISER Kolkata17 September 2015
Complexity of the Quantum UniverseArundhati DasguptaUniversity of Lethbridge3 Sepetember 2015
Unitarity, Crossing Symmetry and Duality of the S-matrix in large N Chern-Simons theories with fundamental matterSachin JainCornell University8 July 2015
Physics of Long-Range Interacting SystemsShamik GuptaUniversite Paris-Sud, France10 March 2015
A biased introduction to the wonderland of proteinsFlavio SenoDipartimento di Fisica e Astronomia ‘Galileo Galilei’, Università di Padova26 February 2015
Pattern Formation in the Kinetics of Phase TransitionsSanjay PuriJNU, New Delhi5 November 2014
Quantum phase transition: case study using Ising modelKrishnendu SenguptaIACS, Kolkata5 November 2014
Weyl fermions in condensed matter systemsSumathi RaoHRI, Allahabad4 November 2014
Has BICEP2 proved cosmological inflation ?Subir SarkarUniversity of Oxford, UK14 August 2014
Higgs Boson Searches : what do they mean ?Amanda Cooper-Sarkar University of Oxford, UK12 August 2014
Synthetic quantum matter under a microscopeRajibul Islam Harvard University16 July 2014
Characterization of many-particle system driven out of equilibriumPunyabrata PradhanS. N. Bose National Centre for Basic Sciences11 March 2014
Mechanics To and From GeometryAshoke MallikBESU24 October 2013
Pendulum – The Paradigm of OscillationsAshoke MallikBESU3 October 2013
Mathemagical Blackholes, Chaos and FractalsAshoke MallikBESU26 September 2013
Dirac materials: an introductionKrishnendu SenguptaIACS Kolkata19 September 2013
Spacetime emergence from holographic RG flow and the fluid gravity correspondenceAyan MukhopadhyayaCPHT Ecole Polytechnique and IPHT, CEA-Saclay, France27 August 2013
Degeneration of two loop superstring scattering amplitude Arnab RudraDAMTP, University of Cambridge1 August 2013
Holography, Quench and ChaosPallab BasuICTS, Bangalore18 July 2013
Collective dynamics of self-propelled particles with variable speedShraddha Mishta IIT Karagpur13 July 2013
Single slit electron diffraction by a quantum point contactPradip KhatuaIISER, Kolkata17 March 2013
Bosonization in 2+1 dimensionsIndrajit MitraCalcutta University6 March 2013
Study of Astrophysical Sources Using Ground Based Gamma-ray and Neutrino Telescopes in Very High Energy RegimeDebanjan BoseSaha Institute of Nuclear Physics4 March 2013
Energy Issues for India in the FutureManoj Kumar Pal (Former Director)Saha Institute of Nuclear Physics1 February 2013
Simulation of Condensed Matter Systems using cold atomsRajibul IslamNSF Center for Ultracold Atoms, Harvard University30 January 2013
(Venue: Swami Vivekananda’s Ancestral House Campus)
Indradit MitraDepartment of Physics, Calcutta University22 January 2013
Multifractality and Interactions near Quantum Critical PointSoumya BeraNeel, Grenoble9 January 2013
Topics in Theoretical Physics IVSiddhartha SenHamilton Mathematics Institute, and Trinity College Dublin7 January 2012
Topics in Theoretical Physics IIISiddhartha SenHamilton Mathematics Institute, and Trinity College Dublin11:30 pm 19 November 2012
Topics in Theoretical Physics IISiddhartha SenHamilton Mathematics Institute, and Trinity College Dublin11:30 pm 12 November 2012
Importance of Thermal Effects on Electronic Correlations in Elemental PlutoniumKasturi Basu17 October 2012
Living Rivers and Dying Rivers : Experience of West BengalKalyan Rudra10 October 2012
Topics in Theoretical Physics ISiddhartha SenHamilton Mathematics Institute, and Trinity College Dublin3 October 2012
Black Holes in Your Bathtub: Part IIITapas K Das HRI Allahabad25 September 2012
Floer Cohomology from a Physics point of viewSiddhartha SenHamilton Mathematics Institute, and Trinity College Dublin22 September 2012
Black Holes in Your Bathtub: Part IITapas K DasHRI Allahabad23 August 2012
Black Holes in Your Bathtub: Part ITapas K DasHRI Allahabad14 August 2012
Astrophysical Black Holes : Cosmic Laboratory for Testing : Part IITapas K DasHRI Allahabad7 August 2012
Astrophysical Black Holes : Cosmic Laboratory for Testing : Part ITapas K DasHRI Allahabad1 August 2012
Constraints on Fluid Dynamics from Partition FunctionSayantani BhattacharyaHRI Allahabad27 July 2012
The Novel Higgs Mechanism and three-dimensional gauge theoriesBobby EzthuthachanHRI Allahabad20 February 2012
A Non-Abelian duality for Yang-Mills theories in three dimensionsBobby EzthuthachanHRI Allahabad17 February 2012
Why are stars massiveSiddhartha SenHamilton Mathematics Institute, and Trinity College Dublin1 February 2012
Thermal Stability of Black Holes Parthasarathi MajumdarSaha Institute of Nuclear Physics, Kolkata27 January 2012 (Friday)