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Examination Schedule : 1st and 3rd Semesters, 2018 – 6 Nov 2018

1st Semester, 2018 Examination dates:

16.11.2018 : Classical Theory of Fields I : Electrodynamics (BE)
19.11.2018: Classical Mechanics (AB)
22.11.2018: Mathematical Tools in Theoretical Physics I (BE)
26.11.2018: Quantum Mechanics I (DG)
28.11.2018: Computer fundamentals and Computational Methods in Physics (AB)

3rd Semester Examination dates :

12.11.2018: General Physics Laboratory (AmBh)
16.11.2018: Quantum Field Theory I (SB)
20.11.2018: Particle Physics I (AB)
22.11.2018: Statistical Physics II (SG)
30.11.2018 : Condensed Matter Physics I (RC)

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