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Talk on the ‘boundary dual of Fixed area states’ by Research Scholar Baishali Roy on 23 Feb 2022

Speaker: Baishali Roy – B1950021 (research scholar, Dept. of Physics, RKMVERI)
Date: 23/02/2022, Time 4 pm
External Expert: Prof. Koushik Ray, IACS, Kolkata


After the discovery of AdS/CFT conjecture, one of the main goals has been to find the ‘dictionary’ between the theories on two sides. Recently, an interesting set of states called the fixed area state (FAS) have been discussed in the literature. These are defined in the bulk via a gravitational path integral, where the bulk gravitational fluctuations on the RT surface is suppressed. From its definition, it can be shown that in the boundary CFT, these states have a flat entanglement spectra. It would be interesting and useful to construct such states directly in the CFT. There are some hints that the boundary dual of the FAS should be related to the eigenstates of boundary modular hamiltonian. In this talk, I’ll argue how to construct the dual for these states. I’ll present our main arguments and the progress that we have made so far.

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