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One day workshop on Recent Trends in Atomic and Molecular Physics Research – 13 Feb 2010


  • Markus Pernpointner (Heidelberg University, Germany)
    Title of talk: Relativistic Effects in Chemistry and Chemical Physics
  • S. P. Bhattacharyya (IACS, Kolkata)
    Title of talk: Computational Intelligence in Electronic Structure Calculation of Atoms Molecules and Clusters -A Paradigm shift?
  • Indrani Bose (Bose Institute, Kolkata)
    Title of talk: Stochastic Gene Expression: A Single Molecule View
  • Lokesh Tribedi (TIFR, Mumbai)
    Title of talk: New facets in molecular ionization by swift ions: An experimental study
  • S Chakravarti (IACS, Kolkata)
    Title of talk: Spectroscopy in Nano Vessels

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