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Tapan Kumar Nandi

Name: Tapan Kumar Nandi

Area of Research: Accelerator based Atomic Physics

Contact address:


Education and Employment: 

Faculty (August 2023 – Present): RKMVERI

Scientist-G (July 2013-till superannuation): IUAC, New Delhi, India

Scientist-F (July 2007-June 2013): IUAC, New Delhi, India

Scientist-E (July 2001-June 2007): IUAC, New Delhi, India

Scientist-D (July 1996-June 2001): IUAC, New Delhi, India

Post Doctoral Research (August 1994 – June 1996): TIFR, Mumbai, India

Ph. D. (1993): TIFR(Mumbai)/Utkal University (IOP), India

Diploma in Advance Physics (1987): Institute of Physics (IOP), India

M.Sc. (Physics with few body dynamics as special paper)(1985): Visva Bharati University, India

B.Sc. (Physics as major, Chemistry and mathematics)(1982): Burdwan University, India

Some significant Publications

  1. T. Nandi*, Formation of the circular Rydberg states in ion-solid collisions. Astrophys. J. Lett., 673, L103 (2008)
  2. T. Nandi*, Collision induced intra-shelll transitions in He-like ions, J. Phys. B (FTC) 42, 061002 (2009).
  3. T. Nandi*, Experimental confirmation of circular Rydberg states with projectile-like ions, J. Phys. B. 42, 125201(2009).

  4. T. Nandi* and B.P. Mahanty, Measurement of wake field intensity, J. Phys. B. 42, 225402(2009).
  5. T. Nandi*, A.P. Mishra & B.N. Jagatap, JQSRT 112, 2771 (2011)

  6. T. Nandi*, Mumtaz Oswal, Sunil Kumar, Akhil Jhingan, S.R. Abhilash, and S. Karmakar, Radiative resonant energy transfer, JQSRT(Lett), 113, 783 (2012).

  7. T Nandi* et al., Fast Ion Surface Energy Loss and Straggling in the Surface Wake Fields, Phys. Rev. Lett. 110,163203 (2013).

  8. Ranjeet K. Karn, C. N. Mishra, Nissar Ahmad, S. K. Saini, C. P. Safvan, and T Nandi*, Note: Multi channel Doppler tuned spectrometer to study highly charged ions, Rev. Sci. Instrum. 85, 066110 (2014).

  9. Prashant Sharma and T Nandi*, Theoretical studies on shaking processes in nuclear transfer reactions, Nuclear Physics A 941 (2015) 265–272.
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  22. Gajendra Singh, A K Singh and T Nandi* “Revised and extended calculations with relativistic and QED corrections of selected He-like 3d-elemental ions having astrophysical significance”. Radiation Physics and Chemistry 172 (2020) 108866.
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  24. Soumya Chatterjee, Prashant Sharma, Shashank Singh, Mumtaz Oswal, Sunil Kumar, CC Montanari, D Mitra, and T Nandi*. Significance of the high charge state of projectile ions inside the target and its role in electron capture leading to target-ionization phenomena. Physical Review A, 104, page 022810. APS, 2021.
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Papers under review:

  1. H.C.Manjunatha, N.Sowmya, P.S.Damodara Gupta, N.Manjunatha, and T.Nandi*, Possibility of discovering the super-heavy elements Z=119 and 120, Phys.Rev.C Letters 2023.
  2. P.S.Damodara Gupta, H.C.Manjunatha, N.Sowmya, Srinivas R.Kulakarni, L.Seenappa, K.N.Sridhar, T.Ganesh and T.Nandi Significance of hexadecapole deformation of target nucleus on heavy-ion fusion, Annals of Physics 2023.
  3. T. Nandi*, Soumya Chatterjee, K.Haris, Gajendra Singh, H.C. Manjunatha, N. Sowmya, P.S. Damodara Gupta, D. Mitra, and L. Natarajan, Two-electron one-photon process: A Doppler free phenomenon, Phys. Rev.A 2023.
  4. C V Ahmad, R Gupta, K Chakraborty, D K Swami, P Verma, T Nandi*, Absolute photo-peak efficiency of silicon drift detectors, Applied Radiation and Isotopes 2023.
  5. Manpreet Kaur and T. Nandi*, Understanding the electron capture mechanisms during heavy ion collisions, Phys. Rev. A Letters 2023.
  6. T. Nandi*, Soumya Chatterjee, D. Mitra, Adya P Mishra, Y. Azuma, F. Koike and A.S. Kheifets, Zeptosecond dynamics in atoms, Atoms 2023.

Papers under preparation:

  1. Shashank Singh, A.S. Jha, K. Haris, Mumtaz Oswal, K. P. Singh and T. Nandi*, Study of two-electron one-photon transition produced in collision of Ne6+ ions with Al target at low energies, for Phys.Rev.A 2023.
  2. T. Nandi*, Soumya Chatterjee, Prashant Sharma and D. Mitra, Advancing the heavy ion accelerator technology, for Appl.Phys. Letters 2023.
  3. T. Nandi*, Yash Kumar, Adya P. Mishra, Prashant Sharma, Nishchal R. Dwivedi, Gajendra Singh, D. Mitra, Sudhir R. Jain, and A.S. Kheifets, Crossover between the zeptosecond and attosecond physics, Phys. Rev. C 2023.
  4. T. Nandi* and S. Kumar, Advancing the heavy ion accelerator technology, Applied Physics Letters 2023.

Patent under preparation:

  • T. Nandi* and S. Kumar, Novel hybrid stripper for heavy-ion accelerator technology.

Research Interests

  • Boosting the heavy-ion accelerator technology using a hybrid stripper i.e., solid and plasma target.
  • Resolving the fission time scale anomaly between nuclear and x-ray fluorescence measurements.
  • Investigating new dimensions of Surface Energy Loss Field of the fast heavy-ions.
  • Role of higher charge state inside the solid in the material modification by heavy-ion beams.
  • Experimental evidence of bare ions formed from nuclear reactions: its possible roles on astrophysics.
  • WIMPS detection