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Brahmachari Atreya

Name: Brahmachari Atreya

Area of Research: High Energy Theory

Contact address:



Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) student in Physics department (Jan 2015 – Jul 2018): Brown University, Providence, Rhode Island, USA

Master of Science (M.S.) in Physics (Aug 2013 – Jan 2015) : Brown University, Providence, Rhode Island, USA

Bachelor of Technology (B.Tech.) in Engineering Physics (Jul 2009 – May 2013): IIT Bombay, Mumbai, India


Assistant Professor (2020-Present): RKMVERI

Brown University, Providence, Rhode Island, USA

  • Teaching Assistant
    • Graduate level Electromagnetism (Prof. Antal Jevicki) Feb-May 2016
    • Undergraduate Thermodynamics (Prof. David A. Lowe) Sep-Dec 2015
  • Lab teaching Assistant
    • Introductory electricity magnetism physics lab Sep-Dec 2015
    • Introductory mechanics physics lab Sep-Dec 2014

IIT Bombay, Mumbai, India

  • Teaching Assistant
    • Undergraduate Modern physics Jan-May 2013

Some significant Publications

  1. Atreya Chatterjee. Emergent gravity from patterns in natural numbers. 2020. arXiv:2006.01170
  2. Atreya Chatterjee and David A. Lowe. BMS symmetry, soft particles and memory. Class.Quant.Grav. 35 (2018) 9, 094001, 2017 arXiv:1712.03211 [hep-th]
  3. Atreya Chatterjee and David A. Lowe. dS/CFT and the operator product expansion. Phys.Rev.D 96 (2017) 6, 066031, 2016. arXiv:1612.07785 [hep-th]
  4. Atreya Chatterjee and David A. Lowe. de Sitter gravity/Euclidean conformal gravity correspondence. Phys. Rev., D93(2):024038, 2015, arXiv:1508.04421 [hep-th].
  5. Atreya Chatterjee and David A. Lowe. Holographic operator mapping in dS/CFT and cluster decomposition. Phys. Rev., D92(8):084038, 2015. arXiv:1503.07482 [hep-th]

Workshops and Conferences

  1. Indian Strings Meeting, IISER Tiruvananthpuram, India, December 16-24, 2018
  2. Black holes and emergent spacetime, Nordita, Stockholm, Sweden, August 7-21, 2016
  3. AdS/CFT, self-adjoint extension and the resolution of cosmological singularities, CRM, Universite de Montreal, July 6-10, 2015
  4. Brandeis’ Geometry and Dynamics IGERT program, Brandeis University, July 27-August 7 2015
  5. Black Holes, Holography and Strings, Harvard University, July 30-31 2015
  6. Sixth New England String Meeting, Brown University, Oct. 31 2014

Academic Awards

  1. Physics Merit Fellowship (2018 – 2017)
    Awarded fellowship in 5th year of graduate school at Brown University based on research work done in previous years.
  2. Summer travel grants
    Centre de recherches mathematiques, Montreal, Canada, July 6-10, 2015
    NORDITA, Stockholm, Sweden, August 7-21, 2016
  3. Graduate fellowship
    Awarded year long fellowship in 1st year of graduate school at Brown University.
  4. Institute Silver medal IIT Bombay (2013)
    For department rank 1 in B.Tech program in Engineering Physics.
  5. DAAD scholarship, Germany (May 2012 – Jul 2012)
    Three months summer internship at LMU, Munich on quantum optics. Awarded by Govt. of Germany.
  6. National Initiative of Undergraduate Science scholarship (May 2010 – Jul 2011)
    Scholarship for year long project in physics for sophomore undergrads. Awarded by Govt. of India to around 100 students.

Research Interest

  1. Uncovering relations between gravity and patterns in partitions of natural numbers.
  2. Understanding merger of partitions of natural numbers.
  3. Exploring relations between soft theorems – memory effect and black hole information – supertranslations using representations of BMS group.

Research Experience

  1. HRI, Prayagraj, India
    • Post-Doctoral Fellow (Aug 2018 – 2020)
      • Thesis: Gravity from patterns in natural numbers
      • Research areas: Fundamental problem in physics is to quantify the structure of space-time and black hole information. This is popularly also known as quantum gravity. According to our hypothesis black hole is represented by partitions of natural numbers, in other words natural numbers are building blocks of nature. By studying merger of partitions we hope to recover Einstein’s equation. This will also have strong implications for artificial intelligence community.
  2. Brown University, Providence, Rhode Island, USA
    • Graduate Research Student, High Energy Theory (Jan 2015 – Jul 2018)
      • Thesis: Holography in de-Sitter and Minkowski space
      • Advisor: Professor David A. Lowe
      • Research areas: Representations of BMS group, de-Sitter QFT, CFT dual to de-Sitter gravity, Emergence of time from boundary CFT, Principal series, Complementary series and Discrete series representations
  3. TIFR, Mumbai, India; IIT Bombay, Mumbai, India
    • B.Tech Project (Jul 2012 – May 2013)
      • Thesis: Small hairy black holes in AdS space
      • Advisor: Professor Shiraz Minwalla, TIFR
      • Research areas: Determine the time evolution of the mixture of black hole and a charged scalar field from a non-equilibrium state to the equilibrium state.
  4. HBCS-TIFR, Mumbai India
    • National Initiative of Undergraduate Science (May 2010 – Jul 2011)
      • Advisor: Professor S. M. Roy
      • Research areas: Bell Inequalities and Foundation of quantum mechanics, Joint probabilities reproducing three EPR experiments on 3 qubits